Based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals IAED offers a game/dialogue tool that relates to the 169 targets of the SDG's and the challenges gehind them. The game is currently available in Danish and English. Other language versions are under preparation.

The IAED Globalisation and Democracy game/dialogue tool is a well tested opportunity for dialogue on issues from local to global. It is possible to develop specialised versions adjusted to local issues and contexts.

Game name
Game description
Sustainable Democracy Game
Game with board, cards for the 169 SDG targets, cards for institutions and participation, game instructions. Language: English.
€ 90,-
Spil med kort der repræsenterer hvert af FN's bæredygtighedsmål, institutionskort, deltagelseskort. Spilinstruktion. Dansk sprog.
DKK 650,-
Democracy and Globalisation
Generic game with board, challenge cards, particpation cards, institution cards, instruction sheet and worksheets.
€ 60,-
UN SDG games in other languages
We are in the process of producing versions of the SDG game in a number of other languages - and open to cooperation on further versions.
Prices are without freight. Orders over 5 sets are discounted.